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Third Places And The Homeless (T-Path)

"Third places" such as libraries, churches, and digital social networks are important community builders because they are easily accessible and…

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UnitedtoEndHomelessness_South County Faith April 2018.pdf

Solutions brings together evidence-based solutions, case studies, and research study reports.

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Keep Irvine Safe and Strong (KISS)

The Keep Irvine Safe and Strong collection, KISS, is a growing set of peer reviewed research resources and reports about homelessness related to…

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Housing Irvine (HI)

ChangingHouseholdHousing CharacteristicsofIrvine20002016.pdf

The Housing Irvine, HI, collection brings together resources that help residents easily stay updated about the development of the full spectrum of…

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Homeless Orange County Crisis (HOCC)


The Homeless Orange County Collection, HOCC, is a curated set of news, blog posts, personal stories, lawsuits, research, and narratives about the…

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