Where There's Will There's A Way: Housing Orange County's Chronically Homeless


May 31, 2018




Does the County of Orange have the political will to overcome the roadblocks to housing the county’s chronically homeless population? That's the question the 2017-2018 Orange County Grand Jury examined.

Despite research evidence for the success of the 'Housing First" model the Grand Jury found significant roadblocks for ending homelessness such as resident resistance (NIMBY), lack of collaboration between the County and Cities, and the difficulty of funding and siting.

The Grand Jury concluded that "If political will is defined as a sufficient number of key decision-makers who are intensely committed to supporting Permanent Supportive Housing as a solution for the chronically homeless, then the answer is “not yet.”

To improve collaboration and overcome roadblocks, the Grand Jury recommends the County and cities establish a regional body empowered to develop and implement a comprehensive business plan for siting and funding Permanent Supportive Housing development." 38 page report with an extensive list of references and resources that show that housing first works, homeless housing do not decrease property values or increase crimes (two concerns of residents who frequently resist siting homeless housing near neighborhoods). The Grand Jury also reports that Orange County which is the 10th most expensive place to live in the nation, where incomes have not kept pace with fair market rents does not have enough homeless housing. Includes an extensive list of peer reviewed research, websites, videos and other resources.


Permanent Supportive Housing


Orange County - California






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