SB 35 Statewide Determination Summary


January 31, 2018




3 table; 7 page report from the California Dept. of Housing and Community Development is a determination that represents Annual Progress Report (APR) data received as of January 31, 2018, and will be updated at least quarterly to incorporate new or corrected data provided by jurisdictions. According to their SB-35 analysis:

Table 1 - only 13 jurisdictions in California have met their prorated Lower (Very-Low and Low) and Above-Moderate Income Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) for the Reporting Period and submitted their latest APR (2016). These jurisdictions are not currently subject to SB 35 (Chapter 366, Statutes of 2017) streamlining. All other cities and counties beyond these 13 are subject to at least some form of SB 35 streamlining (Tables 2 and 3).

How does the City of Irvine fare? This analysis shows that Irvine is not on Table 1. Table 2 shows that Irvine has enough affordable housing in the Above Moderate income RHNA - Irvine does not show up on the list of 378 jurisdictions that don't meet SB-35 (see page 3)

Table 3 shows that Irvine is one of 148 jurisdictions that while not subject to SB 35 streamlining for proposed developments with ≥ 10% affordability, are subject to SB 35 streamlining for proposed developments with ≥ 50% affordability. This means that Irvine is not making enough progress in the Lower income RHNA (Very Low and Low income housing) - see page 6 of this 7 page report.


California -- United States







California Department of Housing and Community Development, “SB 35 Statewide Determination Summary,” I4E: Housing4All Digital Library, accessed July 15, 2024,

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