Solutions for Homelessness: What Works and What's Ahead


Jamboree (Presented by Helen Cameron, Business Development)


2 February, 2019




Presentation by Helen Cameron, Business Development Manager at Jamboree Housing Corporation (Irvine), one of three panelists at Homelessness Demystified: Creating Awareness, Understanding, and Solutions, 2 February 2019, Canvas, Irvine.

About the Presentation: 18 slides. 20 minutes.  Helen shares highlights from the groundbreaking United Way OC / Jamboree Housing Corporation / University of California Irvine (2017) study, and the housing, services, and solutions - PSH, permanent supportive housing - Jamboree is using successfully.

About Helen Cameron: For the past 20 years, Helen has participated in the development of permanent supportive housing. She participated in the development of the first community in Orange County in 2004 to house formerly homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis – Jackson Aisle. With Jamboree, she has participated in three new communities, Diamond Apartment Homes in Anaheim, Doria in Irvine and Rockwood in Anaheim for formerly homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis. As part of the Business Development team, she is exploring new communities in Orange County to contribute to the 2700 units of planned permanent supportive housing. She was part of the working group which developed the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness. As Co-chair of the Community Services and Support Committee for the Mental Health Services Act Steering Committee she is a passionate advocate for housing resources for our most vulnerable residents.
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