Homelessness Demystified (Graphics)


Homelessness Demystified (Graphics)


Anita Coleman

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Feline Fun Friday Fact: I am Smokie (meme)
Introducing Smokie, the cute little cat. The City of Irvine has a Pet Care Center - animal shelter - but no emergency housing for Irvine residents who become homeless.

Lessons Learned from Homelessness Demystified
Nine detailed info graphics about the housing and volunteering experiences in the Homelessness Demystified campaign.

Homelessness Demystified: Final Report
The goal of I4E's 2019 Homelessness Demystified campaign was to educate men and women about the plight of homeless people, the homelessness crisis in OC, and empower all interested residents to find their best fit in working towards a solution. The…

This is a video playlist of 17 videos of the full program of Homelessness Demystified: Strategic Directions and Missional Actions on May 4, 2019 at First Pres. Church - Orange, Spring Gathering of the Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of Los…

I4E Career Development Pilot Final Report. A Learning by Volunteering Experience.
The I4E Career Development Pilot was a learning by volunteering experience in the Homelessness Demystified: Buffet of Educational Experiences campaign. The pilot is described as well as the emerging leaders, lessons learned, and next steps. The…
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