The Buffet of Educational Experiences - Feb. 2 - May 4, 2019

Housing homeless people has become a polarizing topic in many communities. So most of us do what we tend to do with difficult subjects.  We don't talk about them.  But if we don't talk about it with our neighbors and friends, how will we understand each other and solve problems in ways that honor our different voices and build authentic, safe communities? So I4E is partnering with a number of local groups to offer safe experiences to learn about homelessness and homeless people in many different ways.

Goal:  Get to know people working in the area of Homelessness and Housing

  • Office hours with Mohammed Aly, Orange County Poverty Alleviation Coalition
    • Date and Time: February 5, 7:00 pm
    • Office: 635 North Eckhoff St. Orange, CA 92868
    • Contact: alym@ocpoverty.com | Website:  http://ocpoverty.com/
  • Coffee with Anita
    • Meet and chat with Anita and a guest (e.g. Tim Houchen, formerly homeless, law enforcement, local elected official, etc.). Have your questions answered confidentially in a small group setting. Anita is the founder of Irvine4Everyone, a grassroots advocacy initiative launched in 2018 focusing on one-on-one and small group community education.  The goal is to demystify homelessness and grow the number of residents who support the creation of the full spectrum of housing in Irvine.
    • Date: March, April
    • Details and Location will be sent upon RSVP
    • RSVP REQUIRED by February 28 to irvineforeveryone@gmail.com
  • Casa Teresa Experience
    • What: Meet an expectant Mom, get to know the programs and tour the emergency shelter and housing
    • Date: March 27, 2019
    • Time: 10 am OR 4 pm (Please choose only one time; only one of these may be offered)
    • Number of participants: 10
    • RSVP is required by March 15 | RSVP here
    • Suggested Donation: Bring an item or more from their Layette Wishlist / New Baby Gift List:  Newborn diapers; Diapers size 1 and 2; Baby wipes; Baby bottles; Nice Outfits, Sleepers, Gowns, Onesies; Pacifiers; Receiving blankets; Baby shampoo and Baby body wash; Baby Lotion; Bath tub; Boppy, Baby grooming kit; Diaper bag; Baby toy, rattle, or educational toy; Baby ~ Toddler DVD; Stuffed animal – sewn in eyes – no buttons; Baby bath towel and wash cloths; Baby shoes, socks, hats; Bibs; Box of Nursing Pads; Baby Wipe Containers; Swaddlers; Burp Cloths.

Buffet of Educational Experiences, Feb. 2 - May 4, 2019

Bold Inclusive Chats will continue in 2019!

The Irvine4Everyone FB page, formerly a closed group, is a safe space for asking questions and getting answers, but not everybody is or wants to be on Facebook.  Additionally, many on social media are afraid to ask questions openly or voice their support either. We need real time safe space chats with people who can help us talk through conflicted topics.

I4E is committed to building strong communities. That's why we host one-on-one and small group chats.  You can meet privately, one-on-one with an Irvine resident who is well versed in the local housing and homelessness issues.  You can also attend a formal chat where a professional offers communication tips. Both kinds of chats are offered pro bono by local experts. 

For information, please email: irvineforeveryone@gmail.com

Be sure to join us on FB @irvine4e or sign up for the very irregular and occasional emails here.