Keep Irvine Safe and Strong (KISS)


Keep Irvine Safe and Strong (KISS)


Anita Coleman


June 3, 2018


The Keep Irvine Safe and Strong collection, KISS, is a growing set of peer reviewed research resources and reports about homelessness related to crime, publicity safety, and security. When completed it will have the classic resources, data, and best practices to help residents find research data to questions such as: Does homeless housing increase or decrease crime? Does it increase or decrease property values? What is the public safety approach to homelessness and how is it working? What are the tools, approaches, best practices, and solutions that are successful in ending homelessness?


City of Irvine - California - United States of America

Collection Items

This article which cites research studies and data tries to answer the following questions in the wake of disputes against shelters for homeless in NY: What effects do residential facilities for the homeless really have on their surroundings? Are…

Does the County of Orange have the political will to overcome the roadblocks to housing the county’s chronically homeless population? That's the question the 2017-2018 Orange County Grand Jury examined.

Despite research evidence for the success…

This 8-page policy brief is a summary of the Furman Center’s research on the effects supportive housing has on the values of surrounding properties.

...findings show that the values of properties within 500 feet of supportive housing …

This is a 25 page pdf study conducted by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff at CSU Chico. There is an executive summary on page 24-25.

Municipalities around the country are increasingly concerned about a rise in homelessness. While…

48 page report. California is home to 21 of the 30 most expensive rental markets in the nation and the state does not have enough affordable housing stock to meet the demand of low-income households. The state’s 2.2 million extremely low-income and…
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