Housing as a Hub for Health, Community, and Upward Mobility


Stuart Butler
Marcello Cabello


March 2018




82 page report with 4 Key Recommendations.

Excerpts from the report:

Housing is increasingly understood to be an
important determinant of success in life, affecting
health, access to education, and the opportunity
for upward mobility. The condition and location of
a family’s home can affect such things as
respiratory health and "toxic stress" among
children, which can affect individuals throughout
their lives. Indeed, the availability or otherwise of
good social services, positive social networks,
and job opportunities can determine whether a
family achieves the American Dream.

Recognition of the importance of housing as a
“hub” for well-being has caused analysts,
policymakers, and community activists to explore
the potential for housing-based initiatives to foster
good health and economic mobility.

There is a growing recognition that, for people
and neighborhoods to be healthy and successful,
different sectors must work together and that
investments in one sector can bring dividends in
others. In health care, for instance, the increasing
focus on “social determinants of health” stems
from the understanding that the trajectory of a
person’s health status is heavily influenced by such factors as housing, social conditions, and poverty.

Successful collaboration across sectors requires
the existence of supportive policies and practices.
In most cases, if not all, it also requires an organization or anchor institution— often referred to as a “hub”—to serve as the focal point and facilitator of inter-sector collaboration and to bring
together a range of services, connecting them
with the community’s population. Such hubs can be a familiar local institution—such as a church
school, or hospital, housing authority, or community organization—or even a larger institution such as a university. There may be several hubs in a neighborhood, with different functions and perhaps partnering with each other. Along with providing services, some hubs contribute significantly to economic stability and help build the social capital of the community


Stuart Butler and Marcello Cabello, “Housing as a Hub for Health, Community, and Upward Mobility,” I4E: Housing4All Digital Library, accessed October 2, 2023, https://i4e.omeka.net/items/show/39.

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