Welcome to Irvine For Everyone (I4E)! The I4E Digital Library brings together high quality, peer-reviewed research, evidence based information resources, and carefully curated community stories and creations about housing and homelessness. It exists to showcase research about housing in order to empower those who want to create permanent solutions for ending homelessness and increasing quality of life for all in Orange County, California. Our 2019 initiative is Homelessness Demystified with 7 categories of educational experiences. Follow I4E on Facebook - @irvine4e to stay updated; to schedule a demo of the I4E digital library, have a workshop for your group, volunteer, plan an educational experience,  contact: irvineforeveryone@gmail.com.

Recently Added Items

Lessons Learned from Homelessness Demystified


Nine detailed info graphics about the housing and volunteering experiences in the Homelessness Demystified campaign.

The Rise of the Tent Ward: Homelessness in the Era of Mass Incarceration

In the era of mass incarceration, services for the homeless often involve mechanisms of confinement and discipline. Over the past decade, homeless…

Homelessness Demystified: Final Report


The goal of I4E's 2019 Homelessness Demystified campaign was to educate men and women about the plight of homeless people, the homelessness crisis in…