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California’s New Vagrancy Laws: The Growing Enactment and Enforcement of Anti-Homeless Laws in the Golden State

Appendix has a list of the anti-vagrancy and other laws/ordinances against homeless people for some OC Cities. The Policy Advocacy Clinic prepared this 2016 update for the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). WRAP is a non-profit organization…

In Housing is a Human Right OC, Orange County Catholic Worker, Emergency Shelter Coalition, et al vs. The County of Orange, The City of Irvine, The City of Aliso Viejo, The City of Dana Point, The City of San Juan Capistrano, The City of San…

Faith is the First Step: Faith-based Solutions to Homelessness

A report from the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project, School of Law, Seattle University. 64 pages, Extensively footnoted with 332 References. Bibliography, p. 46 - 59.

Solutions for Homelessness: What Works and What's Ahead

Presentation by Helen Cameron, Business Development Manager at Jamboree Housing Corporation (Irvine), one of three panelists at Homelessness Demystified: Creating Awareness, Understanding, and Solutions, 2 February 2019, Canvas, Irvine. About the…

Do we have the knowledge to address homelessness?

Various forms of housing exclusion are a reality for millions of people across the globe. For people who are homeless in advanced industrialized economies, housing exclusion often co-exists with social service engagement. This essay reviews …

A Homeless Bill of Rights (Revolution)

This Article examines an emerging movement so far unexplored by legal scholarship: the proposal and, in some states, the enactment of a Homeless Bill of Rights. This Article presents these new laws as a lens to re-examine storied …

Why turning homelessness into a crime is cruel and costly

Two law professors who study how laws can make homelessness better or worse, encourage cities, suburbs and towns to avoid punishing people who live in public and have nowhere else to go. One big reason: These “anti-vagrancy laws” are…

Learn (from OrgCode Consulting, Inc.)

Org Code is a leader in the housing first approach and housing-focused shelter systems. Download their white papers and learn more. Recommended by Friendship Shelter, Laguna Beach.

Pushing Back Against School Pushout: Student Homelessness and Opportunities for Change

A strong relationship exists between homelessness and academic achievement in America. More than one third of the nation’s unaccompanied youth reside in California. In fact, during the 2016-2017 school year, about 202,500 K-12 students experienced…

Feline Fun Friday Fact: I am Smokie (meme)

Introducing Smokie, the cute little cat. The City of Irvine has a Pet Care Center - animal shelter - but no emergency housing for Irvine residents who become homeless.
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