Answers to Questions: About the Current Homelessness Crisis in the OC


Answers to Questions: About the Current Homelessness Crisis in the OC


Anita Coleman
Garrett Dunbar


June 1, 2018


In late March and April of 2018, discussions erupted among many Southern Orange County residents about homelessness in the OC. In an effort to help the community know more about the history, the current situation, and potential solutions of homelessness, on May 31st, 2018, the Orange County Chinese Americans Parents Book Club (OCCAPBC) and Future Chinese Leaders of America (FCLA) organized a forum at 10 Corporate Park, Suite 120, Irvine. Professors Dr. David Snow, Dr. Jacob Avery, and Dr. Yang Su, three experts in researching homelessness, social inequality and poverty from Department of Sociology of UCI were invited to present their research results on the true cause of homelessness and the better initiative to combat it. People planning to attend the forum sent 8 questions to Jing Sun. Irvine For Everyone (I4E), a grassroots initiative that was launched on April 11, 2018 to change the dominant NIMBY narrative and help residents become informed, supportive neighbors, publicized the forum, and prepared this document. I thank Mr. Jing Sun for organizing the forum and allowing me to share about I4E. It is my honor to invite OCCAPBC and FCLA to join I4E and thank those members who’ve already signed-on. Resources plus opportunities for learning and service are included. Anita Coleman, Ph.D., Irvine, CA. June 1st, 2018


Emergency Shelters (aka Emergency Housing) (Type of Homeless Housing)
Permanent Supportive Housing
Housing First





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