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Where There's Will There's A Way: Housing Orange County's Chronically Homeless

Does the County of Orange have the political will to overcome the roadblocks to housing the county’s chronically homeless population? That's the question the 2017-2018 Orange County Grand Jury examined.

Despite research evidence for the success…

Learn (from OrgCode Consulting, Inc.)

Org Code is a leader in the housing first approach and housing-focused shelter systems. Download their white papers and learn more. Recommended by Friendship Shelter, Laguna Beach.

The Challenge of Inclusion

The creation of diverse and inclusive communities has long been one of American housing policy’s most important commitments. The United States Supreme Court recently reaffirmed this commitment in an important decision that interpreted the federal…

Moving San Mateo County Forward: Housing and Transit at a Crossroads

This is a report by by TransForm, a nonprofit supporting transit and smart growth, and the Housing Leadership Council; they are housing and transit advocates. The report was funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the Hewlett Foundation and several…

Is Orange County Too Rich For its Own Good?

Essay explores the many ways in which the OC is failing: lack of housing, the nature of the jobs here, as well as the lack of mass transit and other infrastructure for its booming economy. ... Orange County hasn’t developed the robust and innovative…

After the Shouting, Do Shelters and Supportive Housing Harm Neighborhoods?

This article which cites research studies and data tries to answer the following questions in the wake of disputes against shelters for homeless in NY: What effects do residential facilities for the homeless really have on their surroundings? Are…

City of Irvine Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan

[This is a great report to understand Irvine's visionary housing development, and principles and implementations such as inclusionary zoning and the Irvine Community Land Trust].

From the Executive Summary: The cost of housing is very high in…

Some Facts About Homelessness in the OC and Affordable Housing in Irvine

In March 2018 the Orange County Board of Supervisors, California, voted to use land that it owns in the City of Irvine near the Great Park, to erect temporary housing shelters for people vacated from the Santa Ana Riverbed (Santa Ana Skid River). The…

A Homeless Bill of Rights (Revolution)

This Article examines an emerging movement so far unexplored by legal scholarship: the proposal and, in some states, the enactment of a Homeless Bill of Rights. This Article presents these new laws as a lens to re-examine storied …

Faith is the First Step: Faith-based Solutions to Homelessness

A report from the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project, School of Law, Seattle University. 64 pages, Extensively footnoted with 332 References. Bibliography, p. 46 - 59.

Answers to Questions: About the Current Homelessness Crisis in the OC

In late March and April of 2018, discussions erupted among many Southern Orange County residents about homelessness in the OC. In an effort to help the community know more about the history, the current situation, and potential solutions of…


Orange County Catholic Worker v. Orange County, Case 8:18-cv- 000155, Filed 01/29/18

Lawsuit filed by the Elder Law and Disability Rights Center in the US District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division. 40 pages.

The Changing Household and Housing Characteristics of Irvine, 2000-2016

ChangingHouseholdHousing CharacteristicsofIrvine20002016.pdf
A comprehensive project submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree Master of Urban and Regional Planning, UCLA. 60 page report with figures, tables, references, links, and footnotes. Advised by Melissa Fox, Irvine City…

Solutions for Homelessness: What Works and What's Ahead

Presentation by Helen Cameron, Business Development Manager at Jamboree Housing Corporation (Irvine), one of three panelists at Homelessness Demystified: Creating Awareness, Understanding, and Solutions, 2 February 2019, Canvas, Irvine. About the…

Why turning homelessness into a crime is cruel and costly

Two law professors who study how laws can make homelessness better or worse, encourage cities, suburbs and towns to avoid punishing people who live in public and have nowhere else to go. One big reason: These “anti-vagrancy laws” are…
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